About this website…

www.redlightscenter.com is a website which aims to provide useful general information and download information regarding the game ‘Red Light Center’, developed by and property of Utherverse INC.

As true fans ourselves, we strive to keep this website up to date with current information. However, we cannot and do not take responsability in case any of the information is out of date or incorrect. However, if you as a user of this website have any comments or remarks on the content of this website or its accuracy, feel free to contact us!

We can be reached at…

We can be reached at redlightscenter@gmail.com for any and all comments regarding this website and its content.

However, please do not use this address to ask questions regarding the game or its functioning. For support regarding the game itself, please refer to the following support pages:

Red light center classic: https://supportclassic.redlightcenter.com
Red light center 2: https://support.redlightcenter.com

As a final encore, here’s the official Wikipedia link to Red Light Center: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Light_Center